Recreate the Spa Experience with Khadi

Discover and recreate the Spa experience at the comfort and luxury of your own bedroom and watch your daily stresses melt away with our Spa Collection.

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Research has proven that you NEED a spa day for your self. To calm you down, to relieve you off of daily stresses.

Would you like to be here?

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How about here?

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Oooh and here...

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One last, promise!

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I know, I know! If only we could escape to one of these exotic locations and spas and have a merry and relaxing time whenever we wanted to. *Sigh*

But never you mind, because you know the saying...

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Which is why, we at The Khadi Shop decided to make a collection just for you to browse through of all the essentials you will need to recreate the spa experience whenever you wish to!

Make every Sunday a special one with our collection of Bath Oils, Premium Massage Oils & Bubble Bath :)

Visit the Spa Collection here:


Happy Shopping!


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