Breaking Fad - The Unnecessary Requirement of Being Fair

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As we welcome the New Year, we must repeatedly remind ourselves about the digits we write on the top right corner of our pages, and the ones blaring subtly at us from our smartphones. The digits that express the long distance our country has come, crossing rivers and dales of difficulties and turning a beautiful 68 this 2015. 2015 it is and India still wants to get fairer.

Women might be the fairer sex, but do we literally have to be fairer? What decides that? A country that is the largest democracy and comes rich and bountiful with its immense share of heritage and traditions somehow propagates the demand of a slim fair wife, and tv commercials reminding us to use skin creams that can ‘help’ us become fairer. We have done way with clay houses and are on a road to development, but why do we still see the matrimonial dotted and specked with demands of a fairer bride and daughter-in-law. It must be reminded, ladies and gentlemen, that propagating television advertisements and newspaper advertorials about how to get fair and beautiful by using a specific lotion is blatant racism. We practice racism right here, right now, in the neighborhood we call our country.

Are we less successful than the rest of the world because of our complexion? Does a fairness cream increase our chances to become successful? Does it reduce stage fright, anxiety, anger issues, increase world peace, and make you the CEO of a company or anything unrealistic?

Emphasizing the value of Indian-ness and considering modernity, we believe that your complexion is not your problem. Skin care is not complexion care and it shouldn’t be because our complexion is not an ailment. Indian women need to understand the value of the skin they live in and be proud of it. Using a fairness cream will not make you ace an interview, you will. Striving hard to become fair will increase your chances to be successful, only you have the right and the key to do that.

India is a country still in its fruition and fairness should be the least of its concern. Giving you examples of women our complexion who have been successful will only refute the point we are trying to make.

Ladies, we are already lovely and don’t need to be fair. This 2015, let’s celebrate our rich heritage and open our minds to what is true and not what is fed.

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  • Sanket says...

    The problem is that even if I try to ignore the fact that the girl is fair skinned , that girl still tend to look more beautiful than a black one . Can’t help with that . I am ashamed of being citizen of such a racist nation . look …. You still got no replies except mine . I think our children should be raised in US or UK and then should be brought to India back again ….

    On June 21, 2015

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