Why are Bath Oils essential?

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The concept of using bath oils isn’t new in India. Our country has boasted not just of a rich heritage, but even a bath regime that is equally invigorating. Using thick mud packs and other natural ingredients for lush hair and glowing skin, and bathing in rose water, might sound like a fairy tale, but it did happen. It happened then, and it happens now. Bath oils are typically essential for not just achieving a sensational luxurious feeling, but also a great chance for your skin to be pampered and immensely breathe in the goodness, resulting in a happier, healthier, and definitely glossier skin.

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Times have changed and the nation has evolved. The urban woman of today is not surrounded by the healthier and unpolluted atmosphere of the ages that have gone, but is viciously picketed by smoke from the traffic, fumes from industries and other pollution that we cannot perceive. In the ever moving rut, your skin does not get the attention or the environment it deserves. That is where bath oils come in, the agents of soft skin and luxury in today’s world which is always in a state of flux. Bath oils rich with vitamins and rose water, increase the chances of skin nutrition and act like hydrants for your skin, giving it the nutrition it has been missing out.

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Adding a few drops of bath oil in your tub can make a world of difference to your skin. The warm water in your tub opens the pores of your skin and allows the oil to be absorbed properly. Your skin soaks in all that goodness, giving you instantly soft skin. You can even apply the bath oils after taking a hot shower and then rinse it off with cooler water. The oil moisturizes your skin from inside and out, leaving your skin soft, firm and supple. It emerges to be a key skin saver in a world that is continuously attached by pollution.

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Also, if you have the time to pamper yourself, you could use your bath oil with a gentle bubble bath in your tub to achieve a wonderful luxurious experience.

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