A Bowl of Oats for Better Skin!

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Did you miss out on your dose of oats today as you dashed out of home in a hurry? Have you been ignoring oats for breakfast? Avoiding a bowl full of health is probably not the best idea. Oats are a 1000 years old tradition to replenish your body and skin. One large helping of oats and you will be full for a long time. Low on calories and rich in fiber, oats are a great way to eat right and help your skin.

Our history is rich with oat baths and oat treatments for many skin ailments. In an ever polluted and growing environment like it is hard to keep track of what you eat and where you go. The dirt and pollution in the air will always affect your skin whereas bad eating habits might make your skin oilier and lacking in lush nutrition.

Oats is like an elixir of life for your skin. Here is how:

Removes Acne and Pimples

Even applying oatmeal to your skin can remove acne and pimples. Boiling oats and applying them to the affected area after they have cooled down is a great way to combat pimpled skin. Keep it for ten minutes for best results. Oats have absorbing properties and hence absorb all the oil from your skin, and leave it clear and exfoliated.

Moisturizes Skin

Rich in polysaccharides, oats have a great quality of removing dryness. They are especially helpful for flaky itchy skin that tends to dry soon. The polysaccharides create a layer over your skin when applied to it. It moisturizes your skin and removes any dry dead skin. It can even be mixed with mashed banana to remove rashes or skin inflammation. Honey milk and oats are a great combination for a lush moisturizing pack.

Cleaning Properties

Oats comprise of cleansers such as Saponin that tend to remove all the dirt and oil that hide deep within your pores to completely clean your skin. It also reduces pore size, protecting your skin from ambient dirt for longer period of time. Soaking oats in water results in oatmilk, that is a natural toner and cleanser. Apply it every night and rinse it off before sleeping to achieve the soft glowing skin you have always wanted. Also, oatmeal has exfoliating properties that gets rid of dirt and dry skin. If you don’t have the time to use it as a pack, you could definitely use it to exfoliate your skin regularly.

Skin Protection

Oatmeal comes rich with many proteins and fats that form a protective layer about your skin protecting it from the sun, and thus acting like a natural sunscreen. Also, the fats protect your skin against infections and rashes that can be caused by dirt or a bad meal.

Skin Lightening

It is extremely possible for you to get tanned in a life that requires constant movement. Today’s woman is mobile and always on the go. Why depend on chemicals to remove the tan? You can use oatmeal to do it for you. Its exfoliating and skin lightening properties will remove tan and your skin tone, making it uniform across your body.

Oatmeal thus proves to be the one solution for all skin problems. Use it thoroughly and use it well. Add a portion of oats in your breakfast every day or keep a pack ready in your refrigerator to be used at night before sleeping. An all-round skin development grain is exactly what your skin wants!

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