Nuts that are Great for Skin

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Munching nuts is a great way to not eat heavy when you are hungry. Chomp a few nuts and you are good to go. Nuts also come with a lot of other benefits such as those for skin and hair. Who would think that such small remains of a fruit would carry something so rich in them!
Here are a few nuts we thought you’d love to munch while it takes care of your skin:

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Almonds are firstly extremely yummy and for us Indians, its what our mothers pack us to much on while we are on a commute or taking a long journey somewhere. These nuts come rich with antioxidants that protect your skin from the sun and help your skin retain the complexion it has. It helps you from getting tanned and conserves the melanin for the better. Its Omeda 3 Fatty acids help in nourishing your skin, giving it the glow it wants. It increases your energy levels, increasing skin radiance in the process. Thus, it is proved that our Indian natural skin care system is straightforward and works best!

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Walnuts are nuts most of us are actually nuts for. These nuts are rich with benefits for skin and hair. Eating walnuts delay your skin from ageing and give you younger looking skin. Also, applying walnut oil to your face moisturizes your skin well and keeps it so for the long haul. Adding olive oil, walnuts and honey to a blender and then putting the paste formed on your skin after can enhance your skin to a great extent. Try it to believe it!

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Cashews contain necessary fats that help our skin stay hydrated and moisturized. Also, these nuts brim with selenium and zinc that remove and prevent acne from approaching your skin. If you are tired of indulging in creams and lotions to remove your pimples, try a handful of cashews everyday and watch it work wonders on your skin.

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This nut is generously added to a lot of Indian dishes, and coming to think of it, it comes with oodles of benefits. Abundant with zing, magnesium and vitamin E, peanuts help your skin stay healthy and glowing. Its anti-inflammatory properties help prevent infections and even cure them. It increases blood circulation which in turn acts on your skin making it look healthier and become smoother.

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Apart from being beautifully shaded naturally, these nuts are not just yummy but also so bountiful. Their essential oils help keep skin moisturized. Infact, pistachio oil when applied to skin, locks in the moisture and keeps your skin hydrated for longer periods of time. It is also rich with Vitamin E that protects your skin from sun damage and help you retain your complexion. Their fatty acids maintain the glow of your skin and give it a boost at low times. Also, for skin that is regularly affected to pollution and can take to early aging, pistachios help a lot by delaying it. They help your skin to stay young and beautiful.

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