Are you Ignoring your Feet?

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Feet are generally the most neglected part of our body. It takes the weight, takes the grind, faces the grime (literally) and most of us still end up ignoring it. We remember to do them up and care for them when we wear open toed shoes or footwear that beautifies them. Caring for your feet doesn’t stop at painting your toe nails and merely moisturizing them. It entails a lot more, a slightly more painstaking regime.

Are you tired of paying through your nose each time you go for a manicure and pedicure? It is probably better then, to take to regular caring and pampering your feet than splurging an unrealistic, not to mention, impractical amount on a spa treatment. Here are a few steps you could use to revitalize your feet and make them as pretty as you have ever wanted them to be.

Blog at thekhadishop.comJust like the skin on your face, your feet too need the most basic skin treatment regime, the CTM. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing your feet are just as important. We suggest you work a little harder in the shower and take out ten minutes to scrub your feet properly, under the heel and between the toes and then follow it up with a toner to evenly tone your skin. Moisturize them twice a day and within a week, you will have the feet you have been dying for.

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You don’t need salts to soak your feet for a nice time. You can fill up your tub with lukewarm water, add a small amount of body shampoo and soak your feet gently into it. You can pumice them softly while you are at it, but at intervals. It removes all the dry and dead skin and reveals to you the soft smooth heels you had been missing for so long.

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Wipe your feet properly every time they have been underwater. Moist feet attract infections and odor, an ordeal no one would want to go through. Use a nice towel to thoroughly wipe your feet between the toes, leaving them dry, as they are supposed to be.

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Trim your nails when they are wet as they are softer and easier to cut. You are more likely to cut your toenails well in the right shape if they are wet, than they are dry as they tend to get flaky. Clean your nails every day to do away with accumulated dirt from the day.

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Use the right foot scrub for your skin for better results. If you have dry skin, stay away from salty scrubs as they tend to make your feet drier than they actually are.

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 If you spend as much time on your feet as you do on the shoes that dress them, your feet will be as happy as you!

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