Everyday Chemicals That Need To Be Avoided!

Every day when we wake up in the morning, we ready ourselves to embrace a new day, a new us. We try and look better than the previous day and that’s why wear different clothes. What stays the same is the make-up we apply, the shower gel we use, the shampoo we wash our hair with and ofcourse the lotions and compacts etc. Using the same bottles to create a new image of  us each new day. What we don’t realise is that in those bottles might lie fruit and vegetable extracts that strengthen our exterior and what not, but somewhere somehow there lies in those bottles that deteriorates our interior. (Pun intended!)

There are a million chemicals that might make our skin stronger, but also induce extra hormonal activities and even carry carcinogenic or cancerous tendencies. Here is a list of a few which we can strive to avoid the next time we step out to go shopping for our necessities.


Commonly used in baby powders, feminine hygiene products and other personal care products like talcum powders, this is a chemical that is disguised in a sweet smelling exterior, but is actually carcinogenic, and attacks the ovaries. Ladies, beware of what you sprinkle on yourself and the children!

Powdered titanium dioxide:

This chemical is known to be especially harmful in its powdered form. With a size of 10,000 nanometers, it can easily enter our skin and the bloodstream. It is found commonly in sunscreen lotions and even powdered make-up components. It attacks the respiratory tract system, causing respiratory tract cancer. If you are not breathing it in, you might actually be applying it to your skin yourself!

Oxybenzone, Oxitonate and PABA:

These are normally found in sunscreens and can have a peculiar effect. They are fundamentally hormonal disruptors, which mean that they feminize both men and women, hormonally. These chemicals are dangerous in their own way and hence are advised to be used carefully.

Paraphenylene Diamin (PPD):

Found commonly in black and brown hair dyes, these chemicals enter your bloodstream through your hair roots and are heavily carcinogenic. They cause dangerous illnesses like the Hodgkin’s lymphoma, bladder cancer and even breast cancer.

 Not all products out there have these chemicals but it is always helpful to be informed before you make your choices. Maybe the next time you are shopping, you will know that reading the back of the product is just as important as reading the front of it.  

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