Happy International Women's Day!


Followed and maintained since the 1900s, the International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate womanhood in its various forms. The world has moved unaccountable paces and with it has moved the woman, through generations, time, and mental framework. This post will not be about the wars she has lost or the struggles that highlight her day. It won’t be about rape and murder because tomorrow when you open your newspaper you will read about it anyway. This post is going to be about you, me and the countless other women, only a celebration.

Looking at the bright side, as Indian women we have come a long way. From times that had us behind purdahs, we have come to a time where young girl children take selfies and take great pride it making them public. We have said our goodbyes to inhibitions and celebrate a large number of women in ‘male-dominated’ professions such as the Defence section and aviation. We have learnt to fly. The Indian women’s cricket team has been four times champions in the Asia Cup and are reigning champions in the Twenty20 world cup. Mary Kom is the only woman to have ever won 6 gold medals consecutively and how.  We have learnt to be on the field, get bruised and not cry. We have done away with the statement, “crying like a girl” because we, don’t cry. We have learnt to accept our bodies the way they are because they are OURS, we own them and it is completely our business to do what we want with them. Just because you like to keep your clothes on hangers, does not mean you have to look like one. 

This Women’s Day, 2015, we have welcomed a new generation of women. Though they have stepped into a country haunted by what lurks in the shadows after sunset, let us strive harder to give them the country they hope they have been born in. Let’s prove their misconceptions about a safe India right, by proving an unsafe India wrong. This Women’s Day let’s celebrate the power and the prowess.


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