Save your Skin this Holi!

Spring is here and so is the most colourful and joyous of Indian festivals. Holi, calls for high degrees of revelry, merry making and chemicals, all of which are served in large doses. However, if you follow certain guidelines, your skin and hair can be saved from the harmful invasion of chemicals. We suggest you take precautions and let your skin enjoy as much as you will!

For Skin:

Moisturize: Moisturize your skin thoroughly before you step out and scream “Holi Hai!” Use large quantities of body oils and gels to and spread over every exposed part of your skin. Make sure you even put some below your nails so that colours don’t enter your system. Make sure that your skin doesn’t get dry and dry skin is easily permeable.

For ears and lips : Use a thick coating of aloe vera gel or even petroleum jelly over your lips and ears so that no colour stays. Both are entries to your body and hence must be protected.

For Hair:

Oil it: Massage your hair vigorously with oil, especially jojoba, olive, castor, or coconut. Oils form a thick coating on your hair and protect it from damage. If you have existing dandruff, make sure to add few drops of lemon juice before applying oil.

For Nails:

Oils your nails well too and then coat them with the darkest colour of nail paint you have so that they are not affected by harmful colours. Make sure your toes and the gaps between your toes are well oiled too.

After Holi

Do not scrub your skin and hair hard because it will cause further irritation and not help much with colour. Use lemon to scrub the colour of your skin and scalp. As it is a natural bleaching agent, it will help remove the colours effectively. If you have acne, make sure you are gentler with your skin and don’t cause the acne to spread. Use a moisturizing soap with lukewarm water to wash yourself so that your skin doesn’t dry further. After you have taken a shower, moisturise yourself again. Dry skin only helps colours to seep into your skin quicker.

Stay healthy and glowing and have a great Holi!



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