How to Travel Without Neglecting Your Skin?

Travelling and exploring an exotic destination is probably everyone’s favourite. Be it taking in the sun with your favourite sun glasses or feeling the soft chill of a winter destination, your skin isn’t the one which has it all covered. Thus, this holiday season, The Khadi Shop has come up with two very convenient solutions – travel kits for the hot and the cold holiday climate!

For summer, sand and sun

The sultry Indian summer approaches. Many of us might be opting for a winter destination because we belong in the hotter parts of the country, but for those who are opting for the windy beaches, happy warmth of the sun and maybe an unwelcome tan, this travel kit might just be your best friend. For a hot climate, our collection carries the very essentials, such as:

Mint Soap

Nothing is as soothing and cooling in the summer as our mint soap. It’s not just the aroma that calms your nerves, but also the calming effect mint has on your mind and body that does the trick.

Neem, Tulsi and Honey Shampoo

Summer is the worst time for your hair. The sun bleaches your hair and dries it, making it look much unhappier than before. The goodness of Neem, Tulsi and honey softens, and hydrates hair, giving it the essential juicy goodness. Honey adds that extra conditioning element, protecting your hair from the sun.

Aloe Vera and Jojoba Conditioner

Fresh and relieving, the Aloe Vera and Jojoba conditioner is a real treat to your hair in summer. Be sure to carry it with you when you go for your little summer adventure.

Lemon Rose and Honey Facewash

For complete care and goodness for your face, it is important that you wash it with the right components. Lemon with its antioxidants heals and energises your skin, while Rose and Honey soften it.

(Do remember to carry a toner or rose water wherever you go! Some CTM wouldn’t hurt!)

For the mountains and snow

Mixed Fruits soap

Why leave behind the goodness of fruits for the season? Nourish your skin with this sweet smelling fruity soap.

Almond and Jojoba Nourishing Cream

Winter climate tends to dry your skin and make it rough. The goodness of almond and jojoba will help your skin out of it.

Reetha and Honey shampoo

Winter is all about rich moisturisation and care. Reetha and Honey is probably the best combination for the ultimate hair cleansing hack.

Aloe Vera and Jojoba conditioner

The goodness aloe vera and jojoba will be much needed in your winter affected hair. Both have healing qualities that will bring back your hair from the dryness it will go through.

Sandalwood Facewash

There is nothing better than sandalwood for your skin in winter. Emerge glowing with soft skin after a refreshing wash with this facewash.

Moisturizing cream with Jasmine and Aloe Vera

In winters your skin tends to get extra dry. Use the moisturising cream for your body to hydrate and prevent it from drying.

We hope you enjoy our travel kits just as much we enjoyed procuring and putting it together for you!


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