Orange & Aloe Vera Face Wash

Suitable for: Normal to Oily Skin

Presenting The Khadi Shop's herbal range of face washes made with mild ingredients and ideal for daily use. These face washes are great for deep cleansing and daily face care to get rid of impurities in a natural way.

Gently nourish and clean your face after a long day off of all dirt and impurities using this specially formulated mild face wash with freshly squeezed oranges and natural aloe vera that gives a healing, cooling and calming effect to your skin.


Luxuriously Handmade with Essential Oils
Filled with the goodness of glycerine, vegetable fats, and natural essential oils, Khadi is a fine blend of luxury for your skin. Handmade and carefully put together, we ensure no chemical traces and thus are proud of a 100% natural product. Each essential oil has specific benefits. These exotic fragrances along with the benefits of herbs and oils recommended in Ayurveda are ideal for beautiful, healthy skin.

How to use

First wash your face with lukewarm to cold water and take about 5 ml of the face wash and massage onto your face in a circular motion and then rise and pat dry.


Reetha Orange
Fenugreek Rose
Tulsi Water
Red Sandalwood Aloe Vera
Honey Preservatives


  100% Vegetarian & Cruelty-Free

We take meticulous effort in ensuring that all our products are a 100% vegetarian. No animal elements and products are used in the production process. Few products where animal-derived ingredients are used, like honey, the ingredient has been harvested having caused no harm to the animal. The Khadi Shop's products are Cruelty-Free as we believe that testing on animals is as unnecessary as it is unethical. We use only the richest ingredients made from nature.


Best Before: 2 Years from Date of Manufacture
Made in India
Proudly Made in India

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