How to Order

If you are ordering for the first time on our website, you may want to learn how to place the order for the Khadi products that you want to try.

It's quick and easy and in case you don't understand any part of this, you should contact us. Just send us an email at and we will help you place your order.

Let's run you through the steps!

Step 1. Find what you're looking for. Browse through all our collections and locate the item(s) that you need.

Let's say for example, you want to buy shampoo, and you like the Henna, Amla & Honey one. So you go to our shampoo collection, select it to view the product, as shown below.

Step 2. Add the item to your cart.

Choose from the available bottle sizes, as shown under, i.e. 110 ml/210 ml and alter the quantity. For example, if you need 3 of the small bottles, change the "1" to "3" and click on "ADD"

For this example, let's add 5 shampoos of the 210 ml variant.



Step 3. Checkout from your cart.

Once you have added the item(s) that you wanted to buy to your cart, simply click on "CART" to go to your cart page like this.

Review your items, read the instructions, and tick mark the "I agree to the terms and refund policy" and once you are ready with your items and want to place your order finally click on the big red CHECKOUT button

Step 4. You're almost there!

This is what your checkout page should look like. Fill in your details like so:


Step 5. Once you have filled out this page, simply click on "CONTINUE TO NEXT STEP"

The page should look like this.


Step 6. You're done!

Opt for Online Payment or Cash on Delivery and click on "COMPLETE MY PURCHASE."

You will get a confirmation call from one of our team members after you have placed your order.

If you place an order before 12 pm on a weekday it will be processed and sent out the same day. It takes up to 4-5 working days for your Khadi package to reach you. Read our Shipping Policy to know more.


Happy Shopping!


|| Jai Hind ||